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High Peaks Water Services Water System Maintenance Programs

Your water treatment system, like all other appliances, requires periodic maintenance, with many systems being simple enough for the do-it-yourselfer.  But for the more complex systems found in laboratories, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and hotels it is always best to have a properly trained water treatment professional inspect, adjust, service and repair your system.  

Out of all the possible types of water treatment systems automatic filters and reverse osmosis systems will require the most attention.  These systems contain filters that can require replacement every 30 to 90 days with annual filter media replacements being more common.  Residential reverse osmosis systems should be serviced at least once each year, and it is not advised to use the system beyond this time until properly serviced.

High Peaks Water Services has many maintenance plans available to match your application, with automatic enrollment in our Customer Care Notification Program you can be guaranteed your investment will be well cared for by our highly qualified technical staff.  Manufacturer’s recommended maintenance intervals are determined by system type and acuity level. Our staff will consult with you to determine the best maintenance schedule.  By following a proper Care and Maintenance service schedule your water treatment system should provide many years of service while providing the highest level of water quality.

Water Systems That High Peaks Water Can Maintain

There are many different brand named products and High Peaks Water Services can repair just about every type of system installed in Arizona.  Reality is though you most likely have just one of a couple most popular systems.  Isn’t it time to join our program? please contact our office at 602-277-7208.  We make every effort to keep our list current.
  • Alamo Water
  • Aquamatic 
  • B&R-Ultima 
  • Bruner/Marlo
  • Cla-Val
  • Columbia Water
  • Culligan™ 
  • Downey Welding
  • Fleck Controls
  • Pure Tel
  • R&M
  • Superior Water Softeners
  • US Filter
  • Water Tec
  • Applied Membranes
  • Sears/Kenmore/GE Smart Water
  • Eversoft Water Products
  • Osmonics RO Systems
To learn more about the Water System Maintenance Programs offered by High Peaks Water, give us a call at 602-277-7208 and one of water system professionals will gladly help you. You can also reach us with any water system maintenance programs that High Peaks Water offers through the Contact Us page.