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Ice Machines

The ice making equipment in your restaurant or hotel ranks as one of the highest energy using appliances and it’s product is mandatory in the food service arena business.  Did you know that calcium and magnesium hardness mineral salts are the primary reason for equipment failure and additional energy expense?  What about the quality of the ice product you present to your customers in their iced drinks?  Does your ice product diminish the quality of your beverages?  Maybe even ruin a $12.00 glass of scotch?  If you answer yes to even one of these questions then you already know the high cost of operating an ice maker.  The answer to these questions and more is all tied to the proper application of today’s water filtration technologies.

Water Filtration For Ice Machines

Consists of two different technologies, taste and odor ( T & O)reduction and the use of a food grade scale reduction material, either combined into a single cartridge or using the two technologies separately for added effect and capacity.  These technologies are not proprietary to any filter system in the marketplace but can vary in effectiveness and producible quality.  Brand awareness is important when selecting high quality filters for your business but most important is to understand the technology behind the filter systems.  The best T & O removal is accomplished using an activated carbon technology known as “Solid Carbon Block Technology” (S.C.B.T).  Basically if your filter does not use S.C.B.T.  it’s yesterday’s technology.  S.C.B.T. is the single most efficient and effective method for eliminating or reducing tastes, odors, and chlorination byproducts from the city water supply, bar none!  The damaging affects of hardness mineral salts in your ice maker can be significantly reduced by a slowly dissolving food grade material that is usually incorporated into the cartridge containing the solid carbon block or is available in a separate cartridge for higher use applications.  To help keep your ice making equipment in top operating condition your filters must match the production rate of your equipment and they must be changed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.  This is vitally important due to the volume of scale reduction material that is in each filter.  BevGuard™ with S.C.B.T. is the only direct replacement for the Everpure™ (i2000, i4000,) and the Cuno™ (8112S).  BevGuard™ ice filters provide more scale protection and will save you up to 50% more money.  You won’t find S.C.B.T. in the other guy’s filters, but then again, they use yesterday’s technology and you’ll pay more for it too.  Want a filter product that doesn’t leak, that uses Solid Carbon Block, and won’t cost you an “arm and a leg”?  Upgrade to BevGuard™ today without the UPGRADED PRICE.  Only BevGuard™ will save you money and give you a 90 day guarantee!  Can you get that from Everpure™ or Cuno™?

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Cuno™ is a registered trademark of 3M, Inc and Everpure™ is a registered trademark of Pentair, Inc.