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There are several applications in the food service industry that involve water treatment and one of the most important is being able to present clean dishes, spot free glasses and flat ware to your customers.  Let’s face it, if you aren’t serving your food products on paper products then your operation can benefit significantly from the simple addition of a water softener.   The water supply in the valley contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium mineral salts that stand between your customer and a sanitary attractive table setting.  Of course your chemical company can always increase the soap and rinse aid volume but that adds to your operating costs and further limits your ability to call yourself a “Green Operation”.

"Is My Restaurant "Green"?"

The water softening process removes calcium and magnesium hardness mineral salts providing up to a 50% reduction in cleaning chemicals and subsequent environmental pollution.  Yes, that’s right!  A water softener can actually make your operation more “Green”  than once thought.  Cleaning chemicals can add more sodium to the environment than the water softening process alone.  Using soft water throughout your operation absolutely reduces the amount of cleaning chemicals required to keep your eatery clean and sanitary.  Soft water will also reduce the amount of energy required to heat your water supply.  A 1/4" coating of scale on a heat transfer surface can require 55% more energy than normal to attain the same temperature.  This amounts to higher electric and gas utility bills, it also greatly increases your carbon foot print.  Consumers are wising up to this whole “Green Commerce” concept and Green eateries will get their business.

Typically most water softeners are installed to feed the water heating system in your building because the majority of the cleaning processes require hot water.  If your operation requires cold water then a separate soft cold water supply can be provided, sometimes even after the original installation.  Cold soft water throughout the operation is not advised due to the negative affects on your hot and cold beverages caused by the additional sodium levels.  Ice machines can see higher operating costs due to soft water as well.

What NEXT?

It’s decision time, do I continue to operate my business knowing I am using at least 40% more cleaning chemicals, using more energy,  and further polluting the Arizona environment, or, contact High Peaks Water Services for a free consultation?   You have spent hundred’s if not thousand’s of dollars trying to bring customers to your business and then work even harder to gain their return business.  Don’t throw it all away by serving your quality food products and beverages on dirty, spotted table ware.

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