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Water Filtration for Coffee Brewing

Filtration for coffee runs the gamut of available technologies but to make a great coffee product reverse osmosis (RO) is the only way. Using RO quality water blended to between 90 and 150 mg/L of Total Dissolved Solids, you can make an outstanding cup of coffee. Add RO water throughout your beverage offerings, hot or cold, and you will guarantee repeat business.  There is absolutely no substitute for reverse osmosis quality water. As RO technology becomes more affordable more and more operators will begin using this water in every aspect of their operation. Couple this with a more informed and educated consumer base and you will experience more loyal customers. Let’s face it you should not have to sneak up on a glass of water or taste anything else other than the flavor of the beverage itself. 

High Peaks Water Services, the oldest food service water dealer in the valley, has partnered with vendor manufacturers to produce an affordable RO system specifically designed for your coffee business. Ongoing maintenance has also become significantly more affordable due to commoditization of membrane and filter technology. We have systems that require electricity or “greener” systems that use water flow energy for optimum operation. Call High Peaks Water Services today and ask for a free consult at 602-277-7208.

Second only to reverse osmosis quality water is the high quality water obtained only from BevGuard™ Solid Carbon Block Technology (S.C.B.T.). Unpalatable tastes and odors can ruin a good beverage and to eliminate these contaminants from your water supply it requires filters that use Solid Carbon Block Technology (S.C.B.T.). BevGuard™ with S.C.B.T. is the leading filter product for the removal of nuisance tastes and odors in the beverage industry. More and more big name beverage companies are switching to BevGuard™ with S.C.B.T.; they perform better and are more affordable for the operators. BevGuard™ offers a complete line of affordable replacement filters using S.C.B.T. for upgrading your old Everpure™ (MH, etc...) and Cuno™ (8112S, etc…) filter systems. For new installations choose BevGuard™, don’t put old technology in your new business.  BevGuard™ is the” Next Generation” in food service water filtration offering the most up to date filtration technologies available today. BevGuard™ food service filtration products and systems will out perform any other product in the market, come with a 90 day guarantee all while putting money back in your wallet. Upgrade to BevGuard™and start putting money back in your pocket today.

Filtration for Ice Tea

Creating the perfect glass of brewed iced tea in the Phoenix market can prove to be a little daunting what with the elevated TDS and calcium hardness levels in the water supply. The fact is if you are brewing your tea products and you want them to be crystal clear and taste great you will need a combination of soft water coupled with a BevGuard™ beverage system.  Most tea companies offer mini water softeners with their brewing equipment then use an inadequate post filter. Got Tea? Got Water? GET BEVGUARD™. Then relax, knowing your iced tea is at it’s best.

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Cuno™ is a registered trademark of 3M, Inc and Everpure™ is a registered trademark of Pentair, Inc.