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Food and Beverage Water Treatment From High Peaks Water

Why Water Treatment for the Food and Beverage Industry in Arizona? Simply because our incoming water quality requires improvement so you can provide the best quality products to your customers. It really is all about presentation; food quality, beverage quality, food presentation, stemware, flat ware, plates and other dishes, IT ALL MATTERS.

Trouble With Water Spots?

Water softening (soft water) is the foundation upon which the ware washing companies rely for consistent results from their dish machines, without soft water your operational costs rise ultimately affecting your product quality.  Dishwashing equipment is adversely affected by the hardness in the water supply to the extent that chemical usage can double without first softening the water. Water treatment then becomes a necessary part of chemical efficiency and helps your operation become more “Green.”

Hot and Cold Beverages

Beverages, perhaps the most integral component of your product offering, can also be affected by the water supply.  Unpalatable tastes and odors can ruin fountain beverages, brewed products and even your fine liquor offerings, unfiltered water simply cost’s more.  BevGuard™ Filtration Products are the most cost effective water filters designed for superior performance while putting money back in your register.

Do You Have Bottled Quality Water Throughout Your Operation?

To take your beverage offerings to the highest possible level then you need “Next Generation” technology developed by G.E. that affords you the opportunity to install a single water treatment system that can eliminate all other filters and the water softener in your business. This technology is called PureOFlow™ and with it you can take your food and beverage products to the highest level of quality ever offered before in a restaurant.  The water quality produced by PureOFlow™ is parallel to the most expensive bottled water in the market. Learn more about it here.

For more than 30 years High Peaks Water has complimented the Food and Beverage industry in Arizona with products and services of the highest level. Our service staff has more than 75 years of combined water treatment experience ready to serve your business. Whatever your restaurant needs for water treatment High Peaks Water Services is your water treatment partner.

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