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High Peaks Water Service Salt Delivery

If the operation of your business depends on quality soft water, don't let improperly maintained softener salt levels in your water softener system jeopardize the reputation of your products and services with your customers.  High Peaks Water provides salt delivery service to hundreds of customers in the valley that depend on their water softeners’ to operate efficiently and properly.

Our Salt Delivery Service provides complete service for your business and will keep your water softener system in proper operating condition.  Our salt delivery service includes filling your salt container to the proper level, checking primary operational functions, and providing you with a final analysis of the treated water supply.

About Salt and My Water Softener

Salt comes in different grades of varying quality and types of packaging.  Grades can be as fine as table salt or as granules big as marbles.  The physical size and purity of salt is most important when used for water softening because water softeners operate using potable water.  Potable water means the water is safe for public consumption and contact.

Bulk Salt

Available in many different grades from fine to extra course, salt that is not pre-packaged is called Bulk Salt.  Bulk salt is stored outside in very large piles at the salt manufacturing plant, is usually very wet and can become contaminated making it useful for industrial applications.  It is delivered in un-sealed plastic buckets or via a special pneumatic delivery truck.  High Peaks maintains many water softeners in the industrial sector like the Phoenix waste water treatment plant and others in the Phoenix valley.  We can make arrangement for bulk deliveries of industrial grade salt on a truck load basis, call today for your quote.

Pre-Packaged Salt

Salt that is fit for human contact via water softeners will be delivered to our customers in food quality plastic lined bags.  Our salt product is first dried in a kiln then pre-measured and weighed to guarantee quality, value and safety.  The product will also come in an extra course grade eliminating any fouling of the water softener.  High Peaks water softener salt comes in 50 lb bags and can be purchased either by the bag or by pallet quantity.

Food For Thought

Should you choose to purchase your salt from another source be sure to always ask for “extra course kiln dried” salt and always demand a sealed bag.  You never know what you are going to get in an open un-certified container.  And remember,  pre-packaged salt is your guarantee of food service quality, safety, and weight.

Contact High Peaks Water

For Phoenix salt delivery service at its best, contact High Peaks Water Services at 602-277-7208 or submit your Phoenix softener salt inquiry on our Contact Us page.