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Water Softeners

Are you tired of your water, what is does to your home’s plumbing fixtures, windows, how it feels to be sticky after a relaxing bath? What you are experiencing is the reaction of your cleaning chemicals and soap products with the Calcium and Magnesium mineral salts in the city water supply. Now don’t get too mad at the city as they are doing their level best to provide your community with the best water available, it just isn’t cost effective to have them pre-soften your water.

Decrease Maintenance Costs

Eliminating and not reducing these nuisance minerals from your water supply is imperative to the health of your homes plumbing system. Hardness minerals plug up pipes and can eat away at your plumbing fixtures to the extent they require complete replacement. A simple investment in a water softener will go along way to saving your wallet from major surgery.

The water softening process is really very simple and involves a special material that attracts the hardness minerals like a magnet and then replaces those pesky minerals with either sodium or potassium. This process is known as Ion Exchange and has been the primary and most efficient method of removing minerals from the water supply for more than 60 years. It is simple, safe, effective and affordable.

How much salt will I use and how much is added to the water?

These are great questions! The softening process is a proportional physical process, it depends on the hardness of the water being treated and usage volume. As for added salt the rule states if you water is roughly 15 grains hard, hardness is usually measured and reported in grains per gallon of water, the amount of additional salt is equal to that of what would be found in a slice of white bread. Have you ever tasted soft water? You wont’ forget if you have. Remember, water softeners physically remove hardness minerals and do not produce drinking quality water. 

What Size Water Softener Do I Need?

The best rule is to buy what fits the home and not what you can afford or what works “Today”. A water softener is an appliance, it should be in your home for the next 15 to 20 years. Even if there are two people in a 5 bedroom home the system should always be sized for home. Sizing a softener is determined by two measures, the size of your supply pipe from the meter, and the reasonable occupancy level of your home. The control valve and softener tank dimension determine how much water can flow through the system with the least amount of reduction in flow and pressure. Today’s control valves are fully automatic and actually learn the rate of your water use, then will fully manage the cleaning cycle (regeneration) schedule for you. If you go out on vacation the softener will not do anything, no water or salt use when you are out of town. 

How Much Will It Cost?

Water softeners are like cars, everyone is selling them! Generally speaking a good rule of thumb is if it is $500.00 or less then you will be moving out of your home in less than 4 years. If it is more than $500.00 but less than $800.00 make certain it fits your home. Most 3 to 5 bedroom homes will require a softener that can range in price from $900.00 to $1,500.00. Now, you can spend more but you won’t get more. At High Peaks we follow the K.I.S.S. philosophy, Keep It Simple Silly! IT’S JUST A WATER SOFTENER! The prices mentioned represent only meter initiated demand water softener controls, this type of control provides the best all around efficiencies and life.

What Is the Warranty Period?

At High Peaks Water we pass on the very warranty that is provided to us by our manufacturers. We choose only the best products available only buy from manufacturers that have a proven track record of warranty support, have been in business for more than 15 years and practice sustainable business principles. 

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