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Food Steaming and Cooking Equipment

There is no other piece of food cooking equipment more susceptible to water quality related failure than the boiler type food steamer.  All manufacturers state in their manuals the water quality must be, in most cases, highly purified or bottled quality water.  Their reason is directly related to what is known as Dissolved Inorganic Chemicals, a.k.a., Total Dissolved Solids.  Arizona’s’ source waters have long held a notorious reputation for containing excessive amounts of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) with extreme amounts of Calcium Hardness levels.  The TDS in the Valley can range from 200 mg/L up to 1,500 mg/L with hardness levels up to 513 mg/L.  So, if you are operating a boiler type food steamer then you already know the ongoing operational expense of maintaining your steaming equipment.  Your steamer is either using a scale reduction filter system followed by frequent after hours de-scaling sessions or reverse osmosis technology.  Scale reduction technology can work well for some operators but for others purified water from a reverse osmosis system (RO) is the only technology that will keep the equipment operating properly.  Hard water scale is best known for it’s insulating capability when allowed to accumulate in the boiler, this subsequent layering of scale further impedes heat transfer and that means exorbitantly excessive energy use(a 1/4" coating of scale on a heat transfer surface can require 55% more energy).  Most would think you can use soft water for the steamer and on some water supplies this can be very effective.  NOT IN ARIZONA!  Every water supply contains some amount of Chlorides, unfortunately for our valley restaurateurs our water supply contains up to 400 mg/l of Chlorides.  Add softened water with high amounts of Chloride then heat to 212° F and the water will become highly aggressive and eat through your stainless steel boiler.  The best answer for treating steamer equipment water in Arizona is reverse osmosis.  Most of you know or have heard the horror stories about the cost of RO technology and until recently the stories would have been true, but thanks to innovative changes in the filtration industry those days are over.  High Peaks Water Services, the oldest food service water dealer in the valley, has partnered with vendor manufacturers to produce an affordable RO system specifically designed for Food Steaming Equipment.  Ongoing maintenance has also become significantly more affordable due to commoditization of membrane and filter technology.  We have systems that require electricity or “greener” systems that use water flow energy for optimum operation.  Call High Peaks Water Services today at 602-277-7208 and ask for a free consultation.

Scale Reduction Filters

High Peaks Water utilizes a very special blend of food grade chemicals that slowly dissolve into the steamer water that will help protect the boiler lining, tubes, and heating elements from the harmful affects of hard water scale and chlorides.  One of the elements in our chemical blend actually builds an invisible protective layer on all wetted surfaces to help further protect from calcium hardness adhesion.  This filter product coupled with routine cleaning is the “Next” best water filtration approach.  For those with existing Everpure Clean Steam™ or Cuno™ filter products and would like to upgrade and further reduce their operating costs we offer BevGuard™ direct replacement cartridges.  BevGuard™ uses a proprietary food grade anti-scale compound and will meet or exceed our competitors performance levels all backed by a 90 day money back guarantee.  Start saving, UPGRADE to BevGuard™ today!

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