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Pure Revolution Products

In today’s business environment, the quest for a competitive advantage leads in many directions. Don’t overlook the obvious – it could be in the water. In the competitive world of water filtration systems, one system’s patented innovation makes it the technological leader. Demand the best: PureOFlow™ .

The PureOFlow™ RO System does much more than save you money. It removes scaling minerals and gives you the same quality taste of bottled water. Coffee, tea, and even ice cubes will have an enhanced taste.

PureOFlow Advantages

  • Crystal clear ice cubes for patrons
  • Ice makers last 4-5 times longer
  • No scale in pots, coffee makers, steamers or dishwashers
  • Use less alcohol in drinks
  • 95% reduction in steamer cleaning
  • 85% reduction in evaporative cooler maintenance
  • Truly spot-free glasses and tableware
Kitchens & Bars. Food service environments with the reverse osmosis system enjoy cleaner water in coffee makers, soft drink dispensers, dishwashers and ice makers, resulting in crystal clear ice cubes, less cleaning and maintenance and spot-free glasses and tableware.

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