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Arizona is probably one of the best markets for ice cold beverages and with the significant margin on these products be sure you invest in high quality water filtration equipment. Cutting corners will cut your margin. 

Syrup concentrate for your fountain beverage product is the single most expensive consumable component of the finished beverage product, the better your filtration the less concentrate is required to vend a beverage. More vends per bag of concentrate will result in better sales margin, followed by increased sales due to consistently great tasting beverages. This of course is true only if you have high quality water filtration equipment. Unpalatable tastes and odors can ruin a good beverage and to eliminate these contaminants from your water supply it requires a high quality solid carbon block water filter. All of today’s top filter products utilize carbon block due to it’s superior adsorption of nuisance taste and odors. Compared to the older more expensive technology found in Cuno™ (8112) and Everpure™ (MC)  filters the BevGuard™ line of beverage filters uses all solid carbon block technology and whose performance will meet or exceed that of “Those other guys.” BevGuard™ Food Service Filtration products offer cost savings up to 50% that of the most expensive brands in use today. So when you think about filters for your beverage system think BevGuard, simply the most affordable while producing the best beverages.


Next generation technology was created by General Electric and was chosen by Good Water Company to implement in their PureOFlow brand of water filtration systems. PureOFlow, unlike carbon block technology, removes up to 95% of dissolved minerals in your city water supply.  The water quality difference is significant between to the two technologies. PureOFlow water quality can produce a bottled quality fountain beverage and provide the highest yields available for bag in box syrup concentrate. PureOFlow is next generation but can also be described as “Next Level” in beverage water filtration. There are many restaurants in the valley that have added PureOFlow to their equipment lists, not only have they added significant value to their business they have added additional revenues that ordinarily would not be available through basic water filtration. Every glass of water, tea, cup of coffee or espresso, and fountain beverage is unbeatable in taste and quality. Convenience stores are another application for the PureOFlow product, producing outstanding ice, cold and hot beverages, while at the same time reducing or eliminating water related machine failures.

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Cuno™ is a registered trademark of 3M, Inc and Everpure™ is a registered trademark of Pentair, Inc.